Jobs.ici - Recruiting

  • One of our current programs to help ambitious and competent people finding a job in Syria.
  • Once the users register, they can browse posted jobs and peruse each job's requirments.
  • If the users couldn't find the desired job, they can upload their resumes and register in jobs.ici
  • To register in jobs.ici

HR & Recruitment Management

  • Identification of qualified expert consultants and support personnel.
  • Assessment of identified candidates.
  • Contracting and deployment.
  • Contract & Benefits administration/management.

HR Payroll and Performance Management

  • We are operating monthly payroll for more than 700 personnel.
  • We follow-up on performance that help our clients to ensure that their personnel are carrying out our feedback and tips in their day-to-day efforts and also keeps employees and managers aligned and encourages two-way conversation about personnel goals, progress, and performance.

Solutions Integration

  • Solid experience in BSCS system for utility sectors.
  • We are proud to launch the first e-payment transaction connecting the STC with Syrian Electronic Payment (SEP).
  • Current project: we operate, support and develop the Customer Care & Billing Systems (CCBS) for Syrian Telecom Company (STC) since 2013.

Data Center Infrastructure

  • We study, design and implement data centers with all needed components.
  • Complete Network infrastructure: fiber and coper with all needed accessories (patching, Racks, etc.).
  • Active hardware: servers, storage, switching, routers, etc.
  • Providing operation and support for all mentioned systems.

Software Development

  • With collaboration with our sister company Intelligent Data System (IDS), we are developing many software solutions in Syria and UAE (Dubai).
  • We provide Web based applications and mobile applications.
  • Build large-scale applications with high-level programming languages (.net, Java).

Information Security

  • Traffic management solutions (DPI, DLP, IDS, etc.) for broadband use.
  • Security Consultations and services.
  • IT security solutions endpoints.
  • IT security solutions infrastructure.